Tips For Setting Your Reception Schedule

by George Meszaros

Regardless of the style or the duration of your reception, planning can benefit everyone. It is imperative that you plan ahead and establish a sequence of events for your reception. [ more ]

Get Fantastic Deals on Catering for Your Wedding

by Mia LeCron

When it comes to your catering services for your wedding, there are options to make it more affordable. [ more ]

Wedding Cakes Galore

by Amy Spade

Wedding cakes can be the symbol of unity and the beginning of fun at a wedding reception. Images of a bride and groom smashing a piece in to each other’s face are not necessary. [ more ]

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Reception Wedding Favors

by Shaunta Pleasant

Planning a wedding can be difficult, and planning the reception can be time consuming as well. It is important to have a good plan in place to make sure that everything gets done. [ more ]

Video Slide Show for the Wedding Reception

by Sandra Clukey

Slide shows for wedding receptions are becoming very popular. It is most definitely the “In” thing to do, and before long wedding slide shows will become so common that the thought of not having a slide show at the wedding reception will be equal to the thought of not having a photographer at the wedding reception! [ more ]