Video Slide Show for the Wedding Reception

by Sandra Clukey

Slide shows for wedding receptions are becoming very popular. It is most definitely the “In” thing to do, and before long wedding slide shows will become so common that the thought of not having a slide show at the wedding reception will be equal to the thought of not having a photographer at the wedding reception! However, some brides and grooms are a little reluctant at the prospect of showing a slide show at their wedding reception. Here are some of the top 5 reasons that we have been exposed to, and our solutions to them.

1. We don’t want to bore our guests. – This is a very legitimate concern. Afterall, how many of us really want to sit down and watch picture after picture of the same two people and their friends – whom you may not even know – over and over and over again? You can see the audience yawning without even being there. It can make you tired just thinking about such a slideshow. However, this is not the case with creative slide shows. With all the creative elements added into the slide show, the audience sits amazed in the midst of laughter and tears while enjoying being entertained and having no idea how much time has actually passed by. In addition to the creative elements included in creative slide shows, each client is counseled in how to create a slide show that will involve the audience, not bore them.

2. We feel like we’re showing off or being prideful by displaying picture after picture of just us. - Another legitimate concern, but totally obsolete. This is your day – it is about you! Enjoy your day that’s all about you and your new love - celebrate! This is a once in a lifetime event! And a professional slide show consultant can help you create a slideshow that is entertaining and extremely enjoyable to all your guests.

3. It’s too time consuming. - Yes, gathering up photographs, and videos does take time. So ask mom and dad, brother and sister, grandmom and grandpop, aunt and uncle, and very close friends to help. Think of the wonderful memories you’ll be creating as you sit down together to go through old photos and watch videos that haven’t been viewed since they were taped. Make some fresh cookies and hot cocoa, or some other delicious snack to serve as you spend the afternoon together reminiscing. This will be time well spent as you share these tender and intimate moments with those you love the most.

4. It’s too expensive. - How can you put a price on memories? Photos will yellow, crack, and fade. And even VHS tapes lose their quality over time. However, once you place your favorite photos and video clips on DVD’s or CD’s, they will last forever. Never cracking, yellowing, fading or degrading. Another big bonus is that they make wonderful gifts for you to give to family and close friends after the wedding reception ceremony. Think of the joy on your mother’s, father’s, and grandparents face when you hand them, their own copy of the DVD slide show!

5. I just don’t know where to begin. - We realize that this slide show project can seem overwhelming amongst all the other wedding planning that must be done, but organization is the key and a professional slideshow consultant can help you in this area. Sands of Time Multimedia Creations slideshow consultants are always glad to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started creating a wedding reception video slide show presentation that will add to your day’s events and keep your guests talking about your wedding day for years to come!

Sandra Clukey, lead slideshow creator for Sands of Time Multimedia Creations, has years of experience and an intense passion for turning still pictures into beautiful, sentimental slideshow video albums for people everywhere! See her "12 Steps to a Successful Slideshow Production" View some of her samples: Experience the difference!

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