Celebrate the Fourth of July Differently

Are you planning a party for your friends and want it to be simply the best party ever? Take advantage of the big boom day of fourth July, celebrate with a great banging of fireworks with your friends gang on your lawn. Siss, Boom, Bah! The Fourth of July, Hurrah! That's the spirit of the day that we all used to celebrate with a great banging of fireworks from dawn until nightfall or until we ran out of firecrackers. In most states this dangerous sort of Fourth of July fun has been banned because of the high casualty lists. But no laws or ordinances have put a ban on fun, so what to do on the Fourth of July? Why not invite the girls and boys over for a Picnic Party on your lawn the weathers apt to be clear and hot, the enthusiasm of the guests will run high, and there'll be no casualty list to mar the fun. An excellent starter for this yard picnic could be "Find the Flag." Send one of your guests into the house.

Someplace in the yard hide an American flag, so that the entire crowd except the absent member knows where it is. Call back the hunter and explain to him that while he hunts the flag the crowd is going to sing "Yankee Doodle" softly when he is far from it, louder as he nears it, and very loud when he gets it. This is a jolly game that youngsters love each one will want his turn at finding the flag.

For real exertion introduce a "Backward Relay." Divide the guests into two groups of equal number. Get about two dozen rolled-up newspapers and lay them on the ground in two rows. The rows should be about eight feet apart and the newspapers should be laid at intervals of about two feet. Contestants must hop backward over the newspapers to the goal and return.

When the first player on each side returns, he touches off the next one. The side which finishes first wins the relay. The excitement over this game will run high and the noise will equal that of firecracker days. By this time the players will be glad to relax a bit. The guests are seated in a circle for the game of "Face." The first player turns to the one on his right and says, "You have a face," to which the other replies, "What kind of face?" The first player then must answer with a descriptive adjective beginning with "a.

" He could say, "You have an angelic face" or "an attractive face," or if he feels funny he might say, "You have an awful face." The next player turns to the one on his right and says, "You have a face." The second player answers the inquiry "What kind of a face?" with an adjective beginning with "b" and so on around the circle and through the alphabet.

The same adjective cannot be used twice. Anyone who can't think of an adjective beginning with the right letter before the conductor counts to ten must leave the circle and sit in the center while the others finish the game. The game gets very exciting towards the close when only two or three of the sharpest are left to seek new adjectives. Many youngsters are in awe of fire fighter, fireworks, firecrackers etc. For this youngster a Firework picnic party is a great way to celebrate. The above given are some of the most jolly games that youngsters loves to play.

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